Here are five reasons why you should choose Ceildoor’s Unihatch access panel range for your next project.

1. Patented design and commitment to innovation

Our manufacturing site is located right in the heart of the Black Country near Wolverhampton. This is an area of historical significance as part of Industrial Revolution, due to the importance of the local coal mining and metalworking industry. We’re continuing the industrial heritage today by designing and manufacturing all of our products on site. We have a long continuous history of product development and innovation as our registered patents go back to 1983 and covers unique features of our Unihatch range including our 360° Hinge System along with other access panel designs and components. Our technical team are continually developing our products to improve designs and meet new building challenges.

The Unihatch range brings together versatility, durability and functionality in the same package. The range offers you different in-built options within a compact and lightweight unit. Our patented features include reversible door finishes and our 360° Hinge System.

2. Reversible door finishes

The Unihatch allows you to simply switch between two different door finishes. To do this, you simply remove the door from the frame and turn it over.

3. 360° Hinge System

The versatility of the Unihatch extends to the door orientation with its 360° hinge system. After installation, you can remove the door and re-hinged to other sides of the frame allowing for great flexibility.

The Unihatch range is constructed of 1mm zintec steel and is fully polyester power coated. Designed to fit securely in both walls and ceilings and is one of the most durable and easy to fit access panels on the market.

4. Full polyester powder coating

All of our access panels are fully powder coated in matt polyester paint (white RAL 9010). Although the majority of access panels in the industry are used internally, we ensure our products are coated in full polyester powder which is normally recommended for general exterior situations. 

5. Independently Tested

At Ceildoor, we design and manufacture access panels which comply with UK building regulations. Once designed, we work alongside industry experts to develop and test our access panels. This ensures compliance with UK building regulations backed by certification proving the effectiveness after being tested under UKAS approved laboratory conditions.

Why not choose Ceildoor’s Unihatch range for your next project?

Ceildoor Products exclusively manufactures Unihatch access panels. For more information or to request a sample contact our sales team at or call us on 0845 370 0852.