Fire Rated (1hr) Access Panels For Walls And Ceilings

Fully Tested 1 Hour Fire Rated Access Panels

Ceildoor’s 1 Hour Fire Rated Access Panels meet UK Building Regulations and have been tested by Exova Warringtonapt for Thermal Resistance to BS EN ISO 10077-1:2006 and by Exova Warringtonfire for fire resistance to BS 476: Part 22: 1987 (Part J) to provide 60 minutes integrity performance.

This means our 1 Hour Fire Rated Access Panels are also suitable for use as flue inspection hatches for heat producing appliances such as boilers, gas cookers and open hearths as required by UK Part J Building Regulations compliance.

Reversible Door & Hinge System

Our 1 Hour Fire Rated Access Panels are made from 1mm zintec steel door shell and frame.  The panel includes our UniHatch® reversible plaster faced/metal faced door feature and reversible hinge system. The panel comes with a fire board fitted and recessed into the door ready for skimming.

The panels are painted with fully polyester powder coated providing a solid, durable Access Panel that is also highly resistant to weather, abrasion, rust, chemical and solvent corrosion.

Designed to be used in residential, commercial, retail and education environments, our 1 Hour Fire Rated Access Panels fit securely in both wall and ceiling environments and come with a range of lock options.

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Technical Specification

Overview of the product and other options

Door and Frame Configurations
  • Metal Faced, Picture Frame
  • Metal Faced, Bead Frame
  • Plaster Faced, Bead Frame
  • Plaster Faced, Picture Frame
  • Plaster Faced Beaded Door, Bead Frame
Panel Depth 56mm
Frame Front Flange 23mm
Standard Guide Sizes
  • 150x150mm
  • 200x200mm
  • 300x300mm
  • 450x450mm
  • 550x550mm
  • 600x600mm
  • 600x300mm
  • 900x600mm
  • 1200x600mm
  • 1mm zintec welded door shell and frame construction
  • Full Polyester Powder Coated
  • RAL9010 Matt White as Standard
  • Other colours and finishes available
Lock Options
  • Budget Lock (Standard)
  • Radial Pin Lock
  • 3 Way Lock
  • Anti-Tamper Lock
Other Components
  • Fireline Plasterboard
  • Restraining Chains (Optional)
Building Regulations
Building Regulations
  • Thermal Resistance (Part L)
    BS EN ISO 10077-1:2006 by Exova Warringtonapt
  • Fire Resistance (Part J)
    BS 476: Part 22: 1987 by Exova Warringtonfire

Key Features


The Unihatch design offers a range of in-built options within a compact and lightweight unit. The all-in-one plaster and metal face door can be reversed, and the incremental hinge system allows the door to be orientated in different positions in the frame - even after installation.

For Both Ceilings and Walls

One product to complete a whole room - this access panel has been designed to work perfectly in both drywalls and ceilings.

Full Polyester Powder Coating

All Ceildoor metal access panels and hatches are fully powder-coated white RAL 9010 in matt polyester paint - normally recommended for general exterior situations, where good weathering resistance is required against high levels of atmospheric moisture or in particularly aggressive atmospheres.

Tested by Experts

Ceildoor work alongside industry experts to develop and test our access panels. This ensures they comply with UK building regulations backed by certification proving their effectiveness after being tested under UKAS approved laboratory conditions.


These drawings are for reference purposes showing details of the access panel's design and examples of installation. If you require CAD ready files or further assistance, please contact us on 0845 370 0852.

Fire Rated (1hr) Access Panels For Walls And Ceilings In Wall Environment

Metal Door
Picture Frame
Metal Door
Bead Frame
Plaster Door
Picture Frame
Plaster Door
Bead Frame
Beaded Door
Bead Frame

Fire Rated (1hr) Access Panels For Walls And Ceilings In Ceiling Environment

Metal Door
Picture Frame
Metal Door
Bead Frame
Plaster Door
Picture Frame
Plaster Door
Bead Frame


Save or print off information on the product here. For further information, contact our sales and technical teams by calling 0845 370 0852.

Metal Door and Picture Frame
Metal Door and Bead Frame
Plaster Door and Picture Frame
Plaster Door and Bead Frame
Beaded Door and Bead Frame
Suggested Applications
General Purpose
Gas Flue Access
Inspection Hatch
Loft Access
Suitable Environments