Access Panel Locks

Ceildoor's products can be fitted with any lock from our extensive range.

Each lock adds unique features to the access panel - find out more here.

Budget Lock
Basic square-drive locking mechanism
Anti-Tamper Budget Lock
Added security against tampering
Radial Pin Tumbler Cam Lock
Chrome finish with option for master key
Triangular Cam Lock
Featuring a triangular drive key
Trigger Touch Latch
Perfect for easy and effortless access
Slotted Cam Lock
Easy to operate weather resistant lock
Essential-T: Keyless Technologyâ„¢
Ceildoor’s unique cost-effective solution
15mm Chrome Barrel Short Stem
18mm Chrome Barrel Lock
19mm Standard Barrel
Three Way Budget Lock
A durable locking system for securing the door
Three Point Locking Europrofile System
Advanced locking system for superior security