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Customisable Lock Options

At Ceildoor Products, we offer a range of Access Panel Locks depending on the level of security and protection you require. It is recommended that all Access Panel Locks that require a key on a quantity order are keyed alike, so the same key can open various Access Panels supplied on the same contract.

Ceildoor’s Access Panels can be fitted with any lock from our extensive range. Each lock adds unique features to the Access Panel. Find out about our new Cap-less™ lock hole cover!

Budget Lock
Basic square-drive locking mechanism
Anti-Tamper Budget Lock
Added security against tampering
Radial Pin Tumbler Cam Lock
Chrome finish with option for master key
Triangular Cam Lock
Featuring a triangular drive key
Trigger Touch Latch
Perfect for easy and effortless access
Slotted Cam Lock
Easy to operate weather resistant lock
Essential-T: Keyless Technology™
Ceildoor’s unique cost-effective solution
15mm Chrome Barrel Short Stem
18mm Chrome Barrel Lock
19mm Standard Barrel
Three Way Budget Lock
A durable locking system for securing the door
Three Point Locking Europrofile System
Advanced locking system for superior security

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