In July 2012 we took our Acoustic access panel range to be tested the Acoustic Laboratory at The University of Salford. The Lab at The University of Salford is a UKAS approved test centre were they tested our panels in accordance to BS EN ISO 140-3:1995 / BS EN 717-1:1997.

After testing, the results showed that our acoustic access panels are effective at reducing airborne sound passing through access points in both walls and ceilings. Therefore making this particular range of access panels ideal for use in environments that require sound containment such as concert halls, schools, libraries and hotels.

The range of access panels is available with either a picture or beaded frame and either a plaster or metal door to suit your project environment. As standard they are supplied with a ‘Budget lock’ and T-Key in the box whilst also being designed for use in both walls and ceilings. They are also designed for ease of use, being both compact and lightweight. We believe our acoustic access panels are the best solution for an sound insulated environment and have been specified and installed on a range of projects nationwide including hotels and schools.

Test data examples:
  •  600 × 600mm Ceildoor acoustic access panel installed into an 8 × 3m 50dB rated wall or ceiling will achieve a combined value of Rw48dB*.
  • 300 x 300mm Ceildoor Acoustic access panel installed into a 5 x 3m 50dB rated ceiling or wall construction will achieve a combined value of Rw50*.

If your sound engineer wishes to make sound calculations based on your requirements we can provide you with sound reduction index figures upon request.

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Please note:

*The installer must follow guidelines set by the relevant wall or ceiling manufacturer to ensure the correct properties are achieved for the environment.